Why Dog Bite Victims Need a Skilled Roseville Personal Injury Attorney

Statistics show that around 880,000 Americans seek medical help for dog bites each year and that 30,000 of them undergo reconstructive surgery. Not surprisingly, cities like Roseville, California implement strict regulations on owning and handling dogs. However, regardless of how strictly these regulations are enforced, dog bite incidents are bound to occur every now and [...] Read more »

Standard Advice from Trusted Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorneys

Even with the best precautions in place, there’s no telling when you might sustain a work-related injury or illness due to a moment’s inattention, your employer’s negligence, or a bit of both. Luckily, if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, and you qualify for such benefits, you can claim compensation for your injury. Read more »

Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Legal Counsel You Can Count On

Motorcyclists may enjoy greater maneuverability and fuel economy, yet they also face major safety risks on the road. The absence of a metal enclosure, seat belts, and air bags can make riding on a motorcycle far more dangerous than traveling by car. In addition, motorcycles often go unnoticed due to their smaller size and are, [...] Read more »

Off-Road Protection: Hiring a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation, nearly 11 percent of all traffic accidents in the US involve a motorcycle. According to the CDC, roughly 175,000 motorcyclists were injured in 2008. As the above statistics show, thousands of motorcyclists sustain injuries each year when they [...] Read more »

A Skilled Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney Makes the Charges Stick

Accidents happen every day, but driving a car into a house is not something you see very often. When something extraordinary like this happens, things can turn really ugly. Annie Yamson of the Akron Legal News, in Akron, OH, reports: “The 11th District Court of Appeals recently affirmed the judgment of the Lake County Court [...] Read more »