Laws Coming in 2014, According to an Accident Attorney in Roseville

New laws involving private motorists in California will take effect this 2014. Keeping up with the new and changing laws is virtually impossible for the average person. That is why it is wise to have the phone number of a trusted Roseville accident attorney handy when involved in a mishap.

Below are some of the new laws taking effect in 2014:

AB 1371 (Bradford) requires motorists to keep any part of their vehicles at least three feet away from cyclists when both parties follow the same flow of traffic. If not possible, motorists must slow down to reasonable speeds and only pass if cyclists are in no danger. (more…)

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Trusted Elk Grove Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help Obtain Justice

A Sacramento Business Journal article published December 16, 2013 reports how a Sacramento couple received compensation against a trucking company that did them bodily harm:

A Sacramento County jury handed down a record personal injury verdict of $34.9 million on Dec.6 to a Galt man and his wife, who suffered a head injury and was paralyzed from the waist down when a semi truck crossed the center line and plowed into her bus. (more…)

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Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Sacramento can Help with Legal Woes

A Property Casualty 360 article published October 9, 2013 details a change in California worker’s compensation law that affects professional athletes seeking financial support from the state’s legislation:

California Governor Jerry Brown has formally signed a bill limiting professional athletes from receiving workers’ compensation benefits in California if they live and play predominantly outside the state.  (more…)

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Off-Road Protection: Hiring a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation, nearly 11 percent of all traffic accidents in the US involve a motorcycle. According to the CDC, roughly 175,000 motorcyclists were injured in 2008.

As the above statistics show, thousands of motorcyclists sustain injuries each year when they are involved in accidents. These injuries can easily result in extensive medical bills, emotional turmoil, and lost wages. As such, motorcyclists that have been injured due to an accident caused by the negligence of another driver are entitled to financial compensation. (more…)

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A Skilled Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney Makes the Charges Stick

Accidents happen every day, but driving a car into a house is not something you see very often. When something extraordinary like this happens, things can turn really ugly. Annie Yamson of the Akron Legal News, in Akron, OH, reports:

“The 11th District Court of Appeals recently affirmed the judgment of the Lake County Court of Common Pleas when it ruled that Daniel Vanderhoof was properly sentenced after he drove a car into a home. (more…)

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Hit-and-run Victims Find Redress via a Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

A motor accident can involve a rather convoluted claims process, particularly when the driver at fault remains unidentified. Considering the number of bicyclists in California who succumb to fatal injuries as a result of hit-and-run accidents. The passing of a new law aimed at ensuring their safety is nothing short of timely. Action News Now reports on this and other traffic laws that take effect on the New Year. (more…)

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Bus Accident Claims: Call on a Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney

There has been a recent spate of accidents involving buses on California’s freeways, as reported by the Associated Press in The Toledo Blade:

The bus tried to get on the ramp to exit, but he come too fast. He can’t control the bus,” passenger Eduardo Magana told KCBS-TV.

Eleven people received minor injuries and two received moderate injuries, the station reported, citing the Los Angeles County Fire Department. (more…)

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Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Facilitate Workplace Claims

Some professional athletes may have long careers and some pretty hefty take-home pay, but many others have to leave their sport prematurely with permanent injuries. In an article for, Ken Bensinger, Armand Emamdjomeh, and Maloy Moore tackle the issue of workers’ compensations paid to football players and other professional athletes in California. (more…)

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Snapping Back with Some Help from a Dog Bite Lawyer in Sacramento

Is it possible to for a dog to racially profile? Police dogs are trained in suspect pursuit operations and will take down their quarry as directed by their handler. Therein lies the potential problem with police dogs- the handler. As the Los Angeles Times’ Tim Walker reports, strange things can happen:

A new report focusing on the Canine Special Detail of the LA Sherriff’s [sic] Department (LASD) has uncovered a vast increase in the number of minority individuals bitten by police dogs since 2004. (more…)

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