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You and Your Injury Lawyer in Sacramento: Everything You Need to Know About Product Liability Cases

In a report in the Southeast Texas Record, a legal journal online, a local couple claims that a faulty water ski, specifically the large metal piece on the ski’s tail or aft end, caused the serious head injury suffered by the wife. The husband recalls his wife attempting to cross the wake of the ski boat towing her when the protruding metal piece struck her in the back of the head leading to profuse bleeding. The suit emphasizes that such metal protrusion on a ski is something that can inflict serious injury to a water skier in any number of fall or mishap situations.

This is a clear-cut example of a case of product liability. Product liability happens when the manufacturer or seller of a product sells you a defective one, or at the very least fails to notify you of its defect and potential hazards. Should this be the case and the product caused you or your loved ones harm upon using it, you can contact your personal injury lawyer in Sacramento to file a complaint.

In the past, though, the husband of the injured water skier might not have been able to claim for damages, as state laws had it that a claim for product liability can only be put forward if the injured individual was the one who purchased the item. Thankfully, that rule is lifted today, and anyone with the right to claim in behalf of the injured can file a lawsuit.

Since the suit focuses on the large metal protruding on top of the tail, just above the ski’s fin, it falls under the design defect category. The other two types of defect claims recognized by federal and state laws are: manufacturing defects (factory problems or oversight) and marketing defects (inadequate safety instructions, improper labeling).

In the end, the couple opted to seek unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial. You, however, can opt to go for either a settlement or trial. If you want to file a lawsuit, make sure that you get in touch with reputable injury lawyers in Sacramento as soon as possible, because it’s important to discuss your options with a knowledgeable legal representative from established law firms like Carter Wolden Curtis, LLP.

You don’t have to shoulder the costs of the result of someone else’s negligence all by yourself, especially when you’ve been sold malfunctioning or defective products – which you definitely had no hand in. Keep in mind that as a consumer, you have the right to quality products that guarantee your safety and security.

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