Sacramento Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Injury that arises from accidents in the workplace entitles the employee to compensation benefits. Although it is not always necessary to hire a lawyer in cases brought about by worksite injuries, legal expertise is needed to protect your rights. Sometimes, a disagreement between the injured worker and employer or insurance company may arise over benefits. That’s where our Sacramento workers’ compensation attorneys come in.

Hiring a lawyer is crucial in the following situations:

  • The employer denies that the employee was injured on the job
  • The employee is denied income and healthcare benefits
  • The employee was promised benefits which they never received
  • The employee intends to sue a third person
  • The employee was contacted by their employer’s lawyer or insurance company for a deposition

Why Choose Carter Wolden Curtis

Our Commitment to Excellence: We aim to provide our clients the highest level of benefits permissible by law. When you choose a Sacramento workers’ compensation attorney from Carter Wolden Curtis, you get legal counsel and representation built from years of experience. Our in-depth knowledge on the intricacies of California law and our skill in litigation offers you excellent representation whether in trial or out-of-court proceedings.

We Put Your Needs at the Forefront of Our Business: Our lawyers are committed to helping you reach a successful court settlement. We are focused on serving your best interests and ensuring that all aspects of the case will be addressed. We are by our client’s side in every step of the way and provide all the legal assistance our client needs to make the process easy.

Our Firm Is Centered upon Trust and Integrity: We have established a sterling reputation among numerous clients for who we have effectively recovered multi-million dollar compensation claims for personal injury.

Carter Wolden Curtis: Aggressively Defending Your Rights

The Sacramento workers’ compensation attorneys at Carter Wolden Curtis operate on a contingency basis therefore we do not charge our clients until we have achieved a favorable case resolution. We pay all litigation costs and do not stop until we have reached a settlement that works to your advantage. Contact us for an initial case assessment.