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Why Dog Bite Victims Need a Skilled Roseville Personal Injury Attorney

Statistics show that around 880,000 Americans seek medical help for dog bites each year and that 30,000 of them undergo reconstructive surgery. Not surprisingly, cities like Roseville, California implement strict regulations on owning and handling dogs. However, regardless of how strictly these regulations are enforced, dog bite incidents are bound to occur every now and then. provides a glimpse of the general law observed by most states concerning dog bites, particularly the “One Bite Rule.”

“The logic of this legal doctrine is straightforward, if not unquestionable. This rule allows a person who owns a dog to assume, until there is some concrete indication to the contrary, that the dog isn’t dangerous. But an owner who knows a dog poses a particular kind of risk to people must take action to prevent the foreseeable injury—or be prepared to pay for it.

It’s true that if a dog bites someone, its owner is definitely on notice that the dog is dangerous. Less serious behavior, however, is also enough to put an owner on notice. For example, if a dog growls or snaps at people, the owner should know that the dog may injure someone. If the dog does hurt someone, the owner will be liable, even for the first bite.”

Dog bites can be fatal when the dogs involved are of large breeds. Victims are within rights to seek reparation by filing personal injury claims against negligent dog owners. A highly experienced Roseville personal injury attorney from a reputable firm like Carter Wolden Curtis will first have to determine the merits of each claim and then build a strong case.

the one-bite rule for dogs

The fact that most cities in the country limit the number of dogs in each household means that the danger these animals might cause is considerable. Personal injury lawyers should, therefore, be well-versed in the existing regulations concerning dog ownership within specific jurisdictions. Dog bite injuries aside, personal injury claims arising out of another person’s negligence are best handled by a skillful Roseville accident attorney.

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