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Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: On Road Accident Prevention and Case Settlement

An article on discusses the risks bikers face whenever they take to the streets. While the facts and tips presented are meant for Golden State bikers, they can be useful for all motorcyclists across the country. According to the author, motorcycle accidents range from simple bumps to full-speed disasters, which both injure the rider and damage the bike.

Motorcycle accidents may happen on California’s minor and major roads, even those in the calm city of Sacramento. Data presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that 4,612 motorcyclists died in motorcycle accidents in 2011. Although this number indicates at least 500 fewer fatalities than recorded in 2008, it is still too alarming to ignore. Moreover, another 81,000 were injured in 2011. More motorcyle accidents mean more personal injury claims, and more claims mean greater demand for the services of a Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer.

According to, the accidents are caused mainly by an error from a motorist. In the recent count, 47 percent of fatal accidents involved a collision with another vehicle. Because personal injury law encompasses injuries to persons or property due to the negligence of others, most motorcycle accidents are grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

The injuries a biker may sustain in an accident vary depending on the impact of the crash. However, exposed body parts, including legs and arms, sustain most injuries, while the head remains the most vulnerable part of the body. The author explains that the best way to prevent death or a severe injury is to wear a helmet. Helmets reduce the chance of death by up to 37 percent.

Any injury sustained from such accidents is grounds for filing a personal injury case. Those involved may do so against the party at fault with the help of a Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney. Law firms like Carter Wolden Curtis have lawyers who can represent victim’s rights.

Unfortunately, mishaps on California roads have caused many motorists to dread choosing bikes as their mode of transport. While the probability of meeting an accident is quite high, bikes are still among the easiest and most enjoyable vehicles to use.

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