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Sacramento Injury Attorneys Secure Recompense for Malpractice Victims

A recent article posted on The Record Searchlight reports on a new proposal that is set to challenge the current rulings on medical malpractice within California. According to the article, trial lawyers are pushing for amendments to the rulings regarding medical malpractice:

“Trial attorneys argue that medical malpractice premiums are a tiny fraction of health care spending. They say the damage limits, which have not been adjusted for inflation, make it economically impossible for them to take on many malpractice cases.”

In essence, these attorneys are pushing for an increased cap on medical malpractice since, according to the source, the cap is very outdated. Doctors, on the other hand are doing their best to uphold the current ruling:

“Physicians and insurance companies say the limits have kept liability insurance rates in check. Changing the law, they assert, could increase those rates enough to put community clinics out of business.”

The final rulings will be put to vote on March 24. As of today, lawyers are in the process of gathering votes in order to pass the ordinance and increase the cap on medical malpractice awards. If this comes to pass, then qualified Sacramento injury attorneys can boost their clients’ chances of obtaining better compensation.

california voters may decide medical malpractice cap

Medical malpractice is just one type of claim that an injury lawyer in Sacramento from a trusted firm like Carter Wolden Curtis may handle on a regular basis. Such a legal professional can help a victim prove that a doctor-patient relationship existed; that the doctor was negligent; and that the doctor’s negligence led to injury as well as damages resulting in physical pain, mental anguish, medical expenses, and loss of earnings.

(Source: California voters may decide medical malpractice cap, 26 Feb, 2014 )

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