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Off the Road: Importance of Having a Reliable Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

Without a doubt, car accidents are one of the most common and potentially fatal occurrences all over the world. For instance, consider the incident in Venice Beach last Aug. 3, 2013, which injured several people and even took one life, when a man allegedly plowed through a group of pedestrians on the boardwalk with his 2008 Dodge Avenger. As of the CNN report published on August 7, the case is still ongoing, what with the accused pleading not guilty.

Meanwhile, in faraway Sacramento, things aren’t looking much better with statistics of fatal crashes numbering at 40 and a total of 111 people getting involved in such fatal accidents based on the 2011 data taken from These widespread occurrences of people getting injured by (or in) cars call for a dependable Sacramento car accident lawyer to help out in delivering justice for the victims who suffered significant losses.

Another thing that made the Venice Beach incident quite horrendous is the fact that it is a popular tourist attraction, particularly the boardwalk where the vehicle crashed. Aside from pedestrians taking a stroll, it is also lined with vendors and street performers. Indeed, you neither have to own and drive a car nor be on the road for you to become a victim of a car crash.

For victims, there are other ways to gain justice than by filing a criminal complaint and going to court. If the accident left you with a permanent disability and a lot of hospital bills that needs to be paid, you can opt for the more peaceful way to handle things by accepting a settlement with the injuring party’s insurance provider. Don’t worry though, if a fair and just settlement just couldn’t be obtained, your lawyer from trusted firms like Carter Wolden Curtis, LLP would be quick to action and will likely push to take your case to trial, provided that he feels strongly about your chances of success.

Going back to the report, the driver ended up charged with murder, 16 counts of assault, and 17 counts of hit-and-run. The injured victims, should the case succeed, will be given compensation based on the extent of physical, psychological, and emotional harm that the incident has caused them. If you want to make sure that you’ll win in your suit, though, make sure to hire only a reliable car accident attorney in Sacramento.

Although you may survive a devastating car crash, chances are that you have suffered some form of injury, and it doesn’t have to be physical, either. With the help of an established lawyer, not to mention a solid willpower to get what the law dictates you deserve, you can get justice and apt compensation.

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