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Find a Skilled Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Sacramento

Motorcycles are one of the best methods of transportation to take advantage of in the sunny state of California. Many residents, especially single motorists, choose them over cars due to their generally lower fuel costs as well as their style. However, they also have one of the highest chances of being involved in a crash due to their smaller size and reduced visibility to other motorists.

If the unfortunate were to happen, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney that Sacramento residents can trust is paramount. At Carter Wolden Curtis, we’re ready to provide you with stellar legal counsel meant to protect you and your loved ones during this time of extreme stress.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics and How We Can Help

Unfortunately, the number of people injured while operating a motorcycle has risen at a steady rate since 2003, with as many as over 200 fatalities in 2009. Many of these accidents however are often caused by other motorists who are unable to avoid the smaller vehicle either due to negligence or minimized visibility. These scenarios are just some of the factors unique to motorcycle drivers that are added on top of the normal causes for auto accidents.

A Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer that has successfully worked with numerous clients in the past should be the first thing you look into if you fall victim to another motorists careless actions. Our team has successfully brought favorable results to motorcycle accident survivors, or in some cases to bereaved loved ones, and made it possible for them to get back on their feet and carry on.

Without the help of a legal professional, many individuals would have to settle for paltry settlements offered by insurance companies that do not take into account the overall damage incurred. This includes all medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation, and the emotional and mental trauma caused by being subjected to such an event.

Our team won’t rest until we have successfully seen your case through to the very end and we won’t back down when confronted with the underhanded tactics employed by insurance companies. Get in touch with us at 916-567-1111 to receive efficient and skilled legal counsel.

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