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Injury Lawyer in Sacramento Can Help You Receive Adequate Compensation

Sacramento employees who have sustained injuries while at the workplace or doing job-related tasks may ask for the legal assistance of a personal injury lawyer. These injuries are referred to as personal injuries; victims of these are entitled to adequate workers’ compensation, usually in the form of financial assistance for medical and legal expenses.workers-comp-delays-add-injury-to-injury

One such case of a personal injury is that of Mike Freeman, a former deputy sheriff at Harrison County, Texas. He was injured in a high-speed chase six years ago, and since then has unfortunately suffered greatly. His family is blaming the poor workers’ compensation offered by a local healthcare firm.

An example of this inadequate compensation happened only recently: a wheelchair that the family has been requesting for Freeman arrived 18 months after it was initially requested for. According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, it is now unlikely to be used, as “Freeman’s body has succumbed to a persistent infection caused by pneumonia and horrific bedsores. Breathing with the help of a ventilator, he is only able to mumble a few words.”

Sadly, such cases do not occur only in Texas; they are happening all around the U.S., including California and the Sacramento area. Employees should not be subjected to unjust treatment or little to no compensation that they are lawfully entitled to receive–and this is where personal injury lawyers in Sacramento come in.

The job of a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento is to ensure that an employee who has sustained an injury be given legal assistance to obtain not only workers’ compensation but also, ultimately, justice. The job also entails conducting thorough background research, including assessing employment and medical records to evaluate the extent of the injury and determine who should be held responsible. Workers’ compensation ensures that employees are provided the adequate medical attention, financial aid for legal expenses and hospital bills, their rightful wages despite possible inability to work, and assistance during the rehabilitation process.

The more severe injury cases also fall under the professional legal assistance of injury lawyers. Sometimes, such cases involve employees whose injuries have resulted in the inability to report back to work, partial disability, the need for surgical treatment, or inability to return to their original health condition. Whatever the degree of severity, such cases need the help of injury lawyers in order to ensure that justice is received where it is due.

(Article image and excerpt from Workers’ comp delays add injury to injuries, The Houston Chronicle, August 25, 2013)

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