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How the New OSHA Rule Affects the Strategies of a Workers Compensation Attorney in Sacramento

Just recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a final rule that requires all federal agencies to submit an annual injury and illness data report to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This rule aims to help the agency get to the root of the problem of illnesses and injuries in the workplace (particularly in government offices), and hopefully prevent similar unfortunate incidents from happening in the future by coming up with training and inspection programs.

Sacramento itself is home to a lot of federal offices, the Department of the Interior, California State Personnel Board, and the Federal Highway Administration to name a few. Even for those working not in the field but in actual offices, the risks of getting involved in workplace accidents are still present. If you happen to become a victim, you can always depend on a reputable workers compensation attorney in Sacramento to help you out.

A lawyer can help you get the right compensation for your injuries either through a settlement with your employer’s insurance provider, or by filing a lawsuit. According to the article from, there are more than two million federal agency employees nationwide, and some of these people might be hoping to file a workplace injury case just like you, but going to court for a trial can become tedious and costly. This is why many lawyers recommend that their clients go for a settlement first.

During a settlement, dependable Sacramento workers compensation attorneys and legal representatives as well as the insurance provider of the employer will work out an amount that can adequately cover all the losses the victim suffers. Of course, if there is any proof or evidence that the injury was caused by some degree of negligence on your part, expect a deduction in your compensation, or even rejection of your claim.

Now, you might be wondering, what if you’re just a temporary volunteer and you get into a work-related accident? The new OSHA rule will still record your accident in the annual report, and it will nevertheless be contributing to the preventive training that the organization will conduct. If you want to be compensated, however, you might be in for a complicated case, as California law has strict guidelines on which type of volunteers can claim for workers compensation.

There are many established law firms like Carter Wolden Curtis, LLP that can provide you with a reputable lawyer who specializes on workers compensation cases. Oftentimes, your chances of success isn’t only dependent on the proof and pieces of evidence that you’ve compiled, but also on the skills and knowledge of your chosen lawyer in Sacramento.

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