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How Elk Grove Personal Injury Lawyers Help Victims of Car Accidents

According to an article written by Tim Cadet published in, car accidents may result in serious injuries that could require both medical and legal help to set things right in the aftermath of the collision. Cadet pointed out that it is extremely important to secure the safety of the people involved in the accident first before thinking of insurance claims, while minor crashes resulting only in a scratched door or dinged bumper don’t have to be reported to the police. The rest of the article include the basic steps on how to file a successful personal injury claim.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, around 2.9 million Americans get injured in car accidents each year wherein a huge fraction of all these cases are found in highly industrialized cities like Sacramento, and other incidents happen in smaller cities like Elk Grove. This only indicates that car accidents don’t choose a location, and when they happen, the people involved should know what to do. Those who are unaware on the legal aspects of such incidents should consult Elk Grove personal injury lawyers or nearby areas.

Because a car accident can cause various types of physical, emotional, and psychological damage, lawyers from established firms like Carter Wolden Curtis, LLP considers it as a personal injury case. Cadet also explains that there are things to be done to make an effective claim. This includes keeping a copy of insurance information in your car and a camera for proper documentation.

The drivers should avoid saying “I’m sorry,” writes Cadet. Such a statement could be interpreted as admission of guilt. Unfortunately, these words can easily slip off one’s tongue during a frantic situation, hence motorists should pay close attention to the words they say after an accident, and it would serve them well to not say anything or talk to anyone without consulting a lawyer first.

On the other hand, when certain information, such as insurance details, are being asked by the other party involved in the crash, a driver should provide accurate answers. Refusing to respond to such request or providing false information is tantamount to certain legal charges. The claimant can support and strengthen his claim through the expertise of a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury does not only encompass physical wounds, but even emotional and psychological injuries caused by the negligence of another. Such cases should not be dismissed or ignored and instead should be brought to court if both parties can’t come to a fair settlement agreement. Thankfully, Elk Grove personal injury attorneys and other cities in California can work with any person involved in an accident to secure just compensation for his losses.

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