Sacramento Dog Bite Attorney for Pet Attack Victims

If you’re on the lookout for an experienced, reliable Sacramento dog bite attorney, you can count on Carter Wolden Curtis to deliver. We handle various types of personal injury cases and have a team of dedicated and highly respected lawyers who work hard to provide our clients with the best possible outcome for their compensation claims.

Whether you have sustained physical, mental, or emotional injuries, you have the right to pursue a compensation claim from the owner of the animal who attacked you. Pet owners, under California law, are held liable for any damage caused by their pets.

There are, however, certain considerations that determine the owner’s liability, which are the following:

  • History of the animal (recent behavior)
  • Circumstances leading to the pet attack (whether it was running loose or was provoked)
  • Posting of a “Beware of Dog” sign
  • State laws where the incident occurred

Our team can help pet attack victims recover all injury-related expenses, such as loss of wages, emergency care, and hospitalization/surgery costs, as well as compensation for trauma, pain and suffering. We will be there with you and guide you through the process, striving to achieve a peaceful resolution to your ordeal.

When to Take Action

It is highly advisable to seek consultation from an experienced Sacramento dog bite lawyer right after the incident. Delaying action would only cause further inconvenience and could pose a threat to other people living in the same area. It is very crucial that these types of incidents are made known to the public to avoid similar occurrences in the future.

Outstanding Legal Representation

Once you come to us for representation, we will aggressively pursue your claim and carefully negotiate with the pet owner and the insurance carrier to ensure that you receive what is due. Our strategy is to take an aggressive approach but at the same time remain considerate of the ties between the two parties. It is not uncommon to encounter a case where the responsible party is a neighbor or friend of the victim’s family.

Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll have our Sacramento dog bite attorney give you a personalized case review. Email or call 916-567-1111 today.

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