Carter Wolden Curtis Covid-19 Updates

We have been monitoring the Covid-19 outbreak and adjusting accordingly, which include:

  • Allowing team members to work from home;
  • Video conference appointments;
  • Use of remote execution of documents (HelloSign);
  • Daily disinfecting and office cleaning;
  • Limiting in person interactions;
  • and providing face masks and hand sanitizer for essential in person meetings;

If your case is in litigation now, there maybe delays in bringing your case to trial. However, we will continue to aggressively pursue a satisfactory resolution of your matter. Regardless of the Covid-19 related delays. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call (916) 567-1111. For more information on Covid-19 please visit the CDC official website. 

Thank you for your trust in our firm. Please stay safe and healthy everyone.