Why Dog Bite Victims Need a Skilled Roseville Personal Injury Attorney

Statistics show that around 880,000 Americans seek medical help for dog bites each year and that 30,000 of them undergo reconstructive surgery. Not surprisingly, cities like Roseville, California implement strict regulations on owning and handling dogs. However, regardless of how strictly these regulations are enforced, dog bite incidents are bound to occur every now and then. Nolo.com provides a glimpse of the general law observed by most states concerning dog bites, particularly the “One Bite Rule.” (more…)

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Qualified Elk Grove Personal Injury Lawyers Strengthen Clients’ Claims

Just because you are certain the road accident in Elk Grove you’ve just been involved in is not your fault doesn’t mean you are guaranteed victory in your personal injury claim. From being the victim, you might turn out to be the one at-fault and even liable to pay compensatory damages. In his article for ABCActionNews.com, William Abel provides tips on how accident victims can increase their chances of obtaining fair compensation for injuries and damages. (more…)

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Non-Athletes Also Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Sacramento

Last fall, California passed AB 1309 that amended some key provisions of the state’s workers’ compensation laws. According to the Los Angeles Times, the new Assembly Bill restricted professional athletes who played in the state from filing injury claims. The bill only took effect on September 2013, which gave dozens of athletes a few months’ time to file for such claims anyway: the same claims that sports leagues like the NFL are dealing with right now: (more…)

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