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A Skilled Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney Makes the Charges Stick

Accidents happen every day, but driving a car into a house is not something you see very often. When something extraordinary like this happens, things can turn really ugly. Annie Yamson of the Akron Legal News, in Akron, OH, reports:

“The 11th District Court of Appeals recently affirmed the judgment of the Lake County Court of Common Pleas when it ruled that Daniel Vanderhoof was properly sentenced after he drove a car into a home.

According to case summary, Vanderhoof was driving a vehicle under suspension in the early morning hours of Dec. 9, 2012.

Evidence showed that he was driving at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour.

Vanderhoof proceeded down a dead-end street and eventually crashed through an occupied home.

Two of the three family members inside the home were seriously injured, including a 3-year-old boy.

Vanderhoof fled the scene on foot but was eventually apprehended. Police officers reported that he was drunk and uncooperative.

Following his arrest, Vanderhoof’s blood alcohol level was tested and measured .17.”

Sactown may be a long way out west from Akron, but the danger of a drunk driver plowing into you, your vehicle or into any structure– say a storefront or a home – is a real possibility. A recent crackdown in Sacramento County has resulted in the arrest of 21 suspects. If you or someone you know has suffered the unfortunate experience of an accident or incident by way of a drunk driver and got injured or suffered property damage in the process, you have to seek help from an auto accident attorney in Sacramento like the good people at Carter Wolden and Curtis, LLP.

drunk man who drove car into house was sentenced proper rules

Court records stated that Vanderhoof pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated vehicular assault and a count of DUI. As for penalties, the two vehicular assault counts warranted eight years’ jail to be served consecutively while 180 days were prescribed for the DUI charge. The court also ordered at least $62,000 in payment of damages to the victims.

An accident injury lawyer can also emphasize the long-term effects of a crash on the victims– along with previous records of the defendant– and work that into their case to help push for higher compensation amounts. The tribunal noted that the family was psychologically jarred from the incident and cited Vanderhoof’s criminal record which included destruction of city property and resisting arrest. An auto accident lawyer from Sacramento like the Carter Wolden and Curtis team will use all legal avenues to secure justice for a victim.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Drunk man who drove car into house was sentenced properly, court rules, Akron Legal News, December 26, 2013)

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