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A Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorney Can Help File an Early Case Report

In an article on, contributor Tom Streissguth discusses the time restrictions in filing a workers’ compensation case. He stresses the responsibility of both the employee and the employer to quickly do so by showing the potential repercussions of delaying a report. An injured employee should file a case right away so the employer can take action and report to an insurance provider. Failing to observe time restrictions may result in either disapproval of the employee’s claim or charges getting filed against the employer.

Investopedia defines workers’ compensation as a state-sponsored system that pays monetary benefits for workers who become injured or disabled on the job. The oldest insurance program in the United States, it is well-implemented, though rules may vary in each state. For instance, according to Streissguth, employers in California are required to submit reports of on-the-job injuries within five days. With the help of a workers compensation attorney from Sacramento or elsewhere in the state, an injured employee can make sure his or her case will be reported to the insurance company promptly.

In California, the old system has been improved through Senate Bill 863, which increased benefits and savings for injured employees. However, none of these benefits can be enjoyed if the employee fails to file a complaint or the employer fails to report a case within a set time-frame after an injury is sustained.

There are cases, however, when injuries are not immediately detectable. For example, employees who are exposed to certain harmful chemicals may not show symptoms of poisoning instantly. Still, they must report their exposure immediately. On the other hard, the employer is still required to report the claim to the insurer within five days.

Law firms like Carter Wolden Curtis have workers compensation lawyers in Sacramento, CA who are well-trained to represent injured employees when the latter pursue their claims. These lawyers can help in monitoring the submission of claims to the insurance company. Additionally, if the employer fails to report the case in time, they can help make sure their clients’ claim will not be affected by the legal charges the employers might take on for the violation.

No matter how strong a case is, no due compensation will be served if it is not promptly and properly reported. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help avoid this scenario. The employee, on the other hand, should understand the process for securing victory in a case.

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