Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyers

Carter Wolden Curtis is dedicated to representing accident victims all over the State of California. We are based out of Sacramento, California and we have spent the majority of our careers to helping personal injury victims seek justice. Getting in a car accident is a physical, mental and financial shock. You have to take time off work to get your car fixed, to go to the doctor and in many cases to recuperate from your injuries. Often times our clients have spent days, or weeks, in the hospital and the road to recovery is a long and difficult one.

Compounding all of these problems is the lack of health insurance, the loss of a job over your injury, financial stress and many other day to day issues. Our firm is well versed in how to mitigate these problems. We can help you get medical treatment, we can direct you to a workers’ compensation attorney and help you determine if you qualify for SSDI, State Disability or other available social programs to help you through these troubling times.

Some of the other areas that we help with are getting your car fixed, getting paid for a totaled car, obtaining a rental car, getting paid for the loss of use of your car and getting your carrier to pay for some of your medical bills. Many insurance carriers will fight your right to obtain these benefits or misrepresent your right to these benefits.

Carter Wolden Curtis will help you obtain a fair recovery for your pain and suffering. Every accident victim is entitled to a fair compensation for their injuries. Our experience is the insurance industry does not treat our clients fairly unless they are represented by an lawyer. The claims adjusters are very friendly right up until they offer you money and then they become condescending and belligerent to the victim. It is at this point that most of our clients decide to hire an attorney.

Some tips for handling this process if you do not have a lawyer:

1. Do not give the insurance company for the person who hit you a recorded statement. This WILL be used against you later in the case.
2. You can take your car to any shop to be repaired. The carrier has no right to dictate where you get your car fixed.
3. Go see a doctor right away. If you delay medical treatment, by even one day, the insurance company will claim you were not hurt in the accident, even if you eventually have surgery due to the accident.
4. Take pictures of the accident scene and of your cuts, scrapes and bruises. Take phots of the damage to your car.
5. Report the accident to your insurance carrier and DMV. Note all your injuries in the DMV form you fill out.
6. Never exaggerate the accident or your injuries to any insurance carrier.
7. Contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to at least consult about your situation.