A Skilled Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney Makes the Charges Stick

Accidents happen every day, but driving a car into a house is not something you see very often. When something extraordinary like this happens, things can turn really ugly. Annie Yamson of the Akron Legal News, in Akron, OH, reports: “The 11th District Court of Appeals recently affirmed the judgment of the Lake County Court […] Read more »

Snapping Back with Some Help from a Dog Bite Lawyer in Sacramento

Is it possible to for a dog to racially profile? Police dogs are trained in suspect pursuit operations and will take down their quarry as directed by their handler. Therein lies the potential problem with police dogs- the handler. As the Los Angeles Times’ Tim Walker reports, strange things can happen: A new report focusing […] Read more »

Filing a Claim with Help from a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

For enthusiasts, nothing is easier and more enjoyable than navigating the busy streets of Sacramento on a motorcycle. However, while a motorcycle no doubt offers exhilaration, speed and convenience, it can turn unsafe if your bike has manufacturing defects that weren’t detected in the production or assembly line. Edgar Snyder of RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & […] Read more »

Information on Filing a Comp Claim with Your Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorney

You can protect yourself from the dangers of getting into work accidents in California’s capital city through the workers compensation program. This basically dictates that your employer is bound to pay for the expenses you incur after you become injured in the workplace during the normal conduct of your job. If you are determined to […] Read more »

Things that Your Auto Accident Attorney in Sacramento should Advice You about Hit and Run Accidents

Perhaps one of the most emotionally-charged kinds of car accidents that you can get into would be the hit-and-run. Imagine that you’re minding your own business, cruising along the highway in California’s capital city, and out of nowhere, a car sideswipes you, denting the exterior and ripping the side mirror off its hinges. Worse yet, […] Read more »

From the Wreck to Your Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer: What to Do after a Collision

Just as there have been vehicle drivers in and around California’s River City, so have there been vehicular accidents. Indeed, regardless of how careful drivers are becoming, there will always be those who fail to heed basic road safety rules. Do you know what to do in case you become involved in a crash, and […] Read more »