Nissan Lawsuit Over Alleged Faulty Brakes

Los Angeles – Nissan North America should pay up to $231 million for allegedly withholding information from the public about a brake defect that caused a fatal traffic accident, an attorney told a California state court jury this week. The auto manufacturer supposedly had knowledge that a software component in the brakes of an Infiniti […] Read more »

Non-Athletes Also Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Sacramento

Last fall, California passed AB 1309 that amended some key provisions of the state’s workers’ compensation laws. According to the Los Angeles Times, the new Assembly Bill restricted professional athletes who played in the state from filing injury claims. The bill only took effect on September 2013, which gave dozens of athletes a few months’ […] Read more »

Ride Safe, but Hire a Reliable Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Despite the best efforts of the Highway Patrol, vehicular accidents are still fairly common in California, especially in certain counties. Motorcycle accidents, in particular, deserve special attention as they tend to be deadlier than those that involve four-wheeled vehicles. In response, law enforcement authorities conduct a yearlong motorcycle safety campaign backed up by cold, hard […] Read more »

Seeking Help from a Competent Auto Accident Attorney in Sacramento

A Consumer Reports articled dated January 27, 2014 notes that those who use their private vehicles as part-time taxis via transport network companies (TNCs) run the risk of voiding their insurance policies. Lately, TNC usage by means of smartphone apps like Lyft has been on the rise due to the cost savings and environmental benefits. […] Read more »

Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney Attends to Assisted-living Cases

A personal injury lawyer helps those who have suffered injuries due to malpractice and recklessness. Such a legal professional provides advice to victims, represents them, and files cases so that justice can be served. For instance, some personal injury lawyers from Sacramento, CA are qualified to handle cases that involve violence against elderly persons. Indeed, […] Read more »

A Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer Deals with Negligence-caused Crashes

The rate of car accidents in the United States has decreased over the last three decades. However, over 25,500 fatal crashes per year is still a large number, and only highlights the need to address the root causes of accidents. Unfortunately, the leading cause of car accidents is negligence, which can come from anyone on […] Read more »

Seek Help from Sacramento Injury Lawyers for Workplace Injury Claims

The 2008 recession brought a lot of changes in the way big companies operate, including hiring temporary “blue collar” workers to cut down on salary and benefits costs. While this practice has economic and practical merits, the non-profit organization ProPublica said that less-trained “blue collar” temps are more likely to get injured or killed at […] Read more »

Proving Medical Malpractice: Call a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer

The voting climate in California this fall is expected to be dominated by issues about Obamacare and health reform, according to Timm Herdt of the Contra Costa Times. It is also expected that talks about increasing the cap for medical malpractice compensation would take center stage, especially because it has been 39 years since the […] Read more »