Standard Advice from Trusted Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorneys

Even with the best precautions in place, there’s no telling when you might sustain a work-related injury or illness due to a moment’s inattention, your employer’s negligence, or a bit of both. Luckily, if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, and you qualify for such benefits, you can claim compensation for your injury. Read more »

Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Legal Counsel You Can Count On

Motorcyclists may enjoy greater maneuverability and fuel economy, yet they also face major safety risks on the road. The absence of a metal enclosure, seat belts, and air bags can make riding on a motorcycle far more dangerous than traveling by car. In addition, motorcycles often go unnoticed due to their smaller size and are, […] Read more »

A Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer Deals with Negligence-caused Crashes

The rate of car accidents in the United States has decreased over the last three decades. However, over 25,500 fatal crashes per year is still a large number, and only highlights the need to address the root causes of accidents. Unfortunately, the leading cause of car accidents is negligence, which can come from anyone on […] Read more »

Seek Help from Sacramento Injury Lawyers for Workplace Injury Claims

The 2008 recession brought a lot of changes in the way big companies operate, including hiring temporary “blue collar” workers to cut down on salary and benefits costs. While this practice has economic and practical merits, the non-profit organization ProPublica said that less-trained “blue collar” temps are more likely to get injured or killed at […] Read more »

Proving Medical Malpractice: Call a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer

The voting climate in California this fall is expected to be dominated by issues about Obamacare and health reform, according to Timm Herdt of the Contra Costa Times. It is also expected that talks about increasing the cap for medical malpractice compensation would take center stage, especially because it has been 39 years since the […] Read more »